“Let each new year find you a better person” according to Benjamin Franklin. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is. But what does being a better person look like for you? If it means increasing your animal shelter donation, you’ve come to the right place. 

Celebrating Our Successes

With the new year recently upon us, it’s useful to look forwards and think of what we want to do differently this year. It’s also a good time to reflect on what we have done well. 

Interestingly, why we celebrate new year’s day might be less about new year’s resolutions and more about our survival instinct. 

On the one hand, “phew, we made it through another year” and on the other, all our rituals, resolutions and wishes of luck give us some sense of control over what we can’t control. 

None of us can control what will happen this year but we can influence our well-being. You can focus on self-care of course, but you can also support and visit animal shelters for that feel-good factor. 

It can also simply start with a small animal shelter donation. Every little bit helps. 

And did you know that not too long ago was also National Horse Day in the US? Celebrated every year on the 13th December as a way to remember how horses have worked with and supported people throughout the centuries. 

All our successes usually depend on others and sometimes those others are animals. 

Dogs have also collaborated with people across the centuries and still serve on the police force or as loyal guides to blind people, amongst other key supporting roles. 

And of course, horses and dogs live and work with each other just as successfully as with people. 

Who can you thank for all your successes in the past year? 

Planning for an Even Better Year 

Whether you have animals or simply hang out with your friends’ pets, have you noticed how they encourage kindness and compassion? 

Dogs teach us compassion by accepting us as we are unconditionally. Somewhere someone also once said to simply be the amazing person your dog already thinks you are. 

Caring for another animal also promotes empathy because we imagine experiencing their discomfort. Horses also respond to human emotion which can make us more aware of our own emotions by noticing how they respond to us. 

So why compassion and emotions? After all, National Horse Day celebrates all the things horses do such as ploughing the land or carrying soldiers into battle. Nevertheless, these days, most people are desperately looking for something beyond working ourselves to the ground. 

Happiness isn’t in that monthly salary statement. It’s in finding something more than just the grind of the hamster wheel. And that involves emotions, compassion and connections. 

Part of making this year an even better year is to think about what kind of person you want to be remembered as. Moreover, we now know that social connections are key to our well-being but they don’t have to be just with humans. 

As such, perhaps consider what you will do for international dog day on the 26th August 2024 . The date might seem far away but time has a way of marching on. 

If you’re already a dog companion, it will be easy to celebrate international dog day. In short, take your dog out for the best walk that they love with all their top games and favourite foods. 

If you don’t have a dog in your life, you can always consider adopting from a cage-free shelter. And of course, a little animal shelter donation goes a long way. 

Other ways to get inspiration from animals: 

animal shelter donation
Add some playfulness into 2024

Making the Most of 2024

We can’t control events but we can influence who we are as a person. Of course, you’re bound to have financial goals for this year but what goals can you give yourself to keep becoming the amazing person you already are? 

Animals can inspire you to connect more deeply with yourself and with others so giving you that social belonging we all need for well-being. Moreover, animals inspire playfulness into our lives that some of us sometimes take too seriously. 

Naturally, not everyone can or should own an animal. It all depends on your circumstances but as you plan how to make your money work for you, consider how an animal shelter donation might make you feel. 

Or as American educator and author Booker T. Washington once said, “those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”.

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