About Us

Building a World Where All Creatures Live in Harmony

Sanctuary Hostel a 501c3 Nonprofit (US) and Asociación Civil (Mexico) Animal Rescue was founded in 2020 with a vision to greatly reduce the numbers of stray animals on the streets of Mexico and across the world, while also popularizing sustainable ways of life. We are a group of diverse and dedicated volunteers working to make this vision a reality.

Our Vision

We achieve our mission by combining an Animal Rescue with:

  • Eco-Hostel, to raise awareness of the problem, build connections with animals and financially support the nonprofit
  • Community Garden, to have a shared space that can provide for the community, animals, and eco-hostel guests
  • Education Program, to provide free classes on animal rescue traits, communication, training, and sustainability


Our vision is an integrated Sanctuary center to help all creatures live in harmony. Our pilot program is in Rosarito, Mexico.

Why Rosarito?

Mexico is among the leading countries for number of stray animals and they need all our help

  • Rosarito is a popular tourist location, giving the eco-hostel and animal rescue good exposure
  • San Diego is just across the border, facilitating adoptions into the US
  • Any donations and funding dollars stretch further in Mexico, especially for vet care and facility operations
  • Large expat population primarily retirees interested in helping out animal rescue operations
  • Significant commercial investments locally with growing expat residential construction

Implementation Timeline

Phase I - Start Up, Legal Registration, Initial Fundraising Campaigns
Phase II - Construction, Personnel, Fundraising
Construction, Personnel, Fund Raising
Phase III - Grand Opening and Full Operations
Grand Opening

Meet The Team