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  • Most cities are “concrete jungles”

    but this community garden provides local people with a healthy fertile area to grow organic vegetables and feed the local community.

  • The Sanctuary aims to promote sustainable food

    through the community garden that’s both healthy for our bodies and for the environment.

  • As a hostel guest

    you’ll also enjoy fresh, local and naturally grown sustainable food.

  • The garden serves as a community center

    to bring tourists, locals and volunteers together to learn about animal welfare, gardening, plant-based cooking, recycling, composting, etc.

  • The entire facility, and project, is a nonprofit

    supported by volunteers, with some locals employed to run operations.

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Our Educational Center

While our facility is being built, we offer to bring animal assemblies and classes to your community center or local school. Our volunteers bring their own trained animals to demonstrate animal communication, compassion and positive reinforcement dog training.

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What we will teach

After our facility is complete and full program is launched, we will offer FREE CLASSES to the community on the following:

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The Importance of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Dogs don’t understand when you scold them or tell them no. What they do understand are treats and positivity. Successful dog training involves using rewards and treats to promote good behavior. It takes time and patience and generally, you should do at least 15 minutes a day with your dog.

In our educational program, we’ll talk you through why some treats work and some don’t. We’ll also explain timing, clickers and treat placement. Of course, it takes patience but you’ll bond even more with your dog throughout the process.

Check out our videos on animal care