The crying never leaves you. I still hear it in my nightmares. And the endless whimpering broken by intermittent sounds of rattling cages and furious scratching in the vague hope that perhaps concrete can finally be dug through. How did you enjoy being locked up during quarantine? It’s the same for animals which is why the cage free animal shelter concept is finally starting to pick up. 

How Does A Cage Free Animal Shelter Benefit the Animals?

The cage free animal shelter is an idea that is slowly gaining momentum around the world. These shelters are defined as those that do not use cages to house dogs and cats. For many animal shelters, this is the first step towards a new and more humane animal rescue. Moreover, they are often also more financially sustainable because their can animals can be adopted more easily. 

Thanks to covid, we can all relate to the feeling of being locked up. It impacts our mental health and increases our anger which can also lead to helplessness and depression. Animals are the same. Within minutes, their look of confusion turns to panic as they pace, scratch and desperately try to find a way out. I’ve seen dogs bite their cage to the point of knocking their teeth out. Another one managed to break one of the bars of his cage but got stuck at his hips and nearly punctured his stomach. 

All this leads to behavioural problems and puts people off adopting them. Imagine seeing a depressed or angry dog in their cage versus one who’s playing with the others and running across an open space. Not everyone has the training or capacity to help the ones in cages especially if they’ve got to the point of caged dog syndrome. Instead, a humane animal rescue engenders happy animals who can better adapt into families and homes. 

How Does a Humane Animal Rescue Benefit People? 

In the past, people used to believe that animals should be kept in cages because they were too wild and dangerous to be set free. However, a few decades ago, the idea of keeping animals in cages started to fade. Nowadays, most people agree that animals should not be kept in cages. Moreover, visiting a humane animal rescue becomes a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Visitors can actually play and sit in the open area with the dogs. Within minutes, lots of friendly noses are investigating these new humans and the possibility of treats. 

cage free animal shelter - cats

Cats are the same. Most people assume that cats are solitary creatures. Whilst that’s true up to a point, cats are also social. So, for example, a cage free animal shelter might have a cat house with a garden. Cats are then free to roam around both inside and outside. They create strong bonds with each other and become almost dog-like in the way they greet visitors. Everyone is happier. 

Sustaining the Ecosystem 

A cage free animal shelter has the added benefit that it supports our planet and the overall ecosystem. Essentially, a garden and trees replace cages and concrete. Dogs can watch squirrels running through the trees and cats can do what they love which is chasing rodents. The overall habitat is much more natural and visitors can further appreciate nature.

At The Sanctuary, we’ve taken this one step further by building an eco-friendly environment with a self-sustained garden. The idea is to grow all our own food and use the waste we create as fertiliser to complete the system. With state-of-the-art eco-building blocks, we also plan to raise awareness and help others create similar self-sustained environments. We strongly believe that every small step makes a difference. 

cage free animal shelter - dog fun

Final Thoughts on a Cage Free Animal Shelter

The humane animal rescue idea is finally catching on. Essentially, people are realising that animals should not be used as a form of entertainment to be stared at through cages. Furthermore, the bond that we can create with animals is far more rewarding than keeping them as objects. No one should live life as a prisoner. Most importantly, animals who are free to roam around are healthier and happier with fewer behavioural problems. They become a valued member of the family much more easily and everyone benefits. 

Last but not least, we can all be part of making this world a better place. Come and learn about eco-buildings or how to grow your own phone at the Sanctuary. Even better, you can find another member of your family running around in our garden as we aim to give these beautiful animals a forever home. In turn, they’ll bring you loyalty, unconditional love and a lot of laughter. There’s something both joyful and magical about watching animals interact with the world. You can now enjoy those moments too and find even more happiness in your life. 

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  1. Can you start it in tamilnadu because most animals shelters are caged animals, I want to free the animals what can I do for them

  2. Can you start it in tamilnadu because most animals shelters are caged animals, I want to free the animals what can I do for them

    1. Hello Sathya, I wish we could be everywhere to help animals! Thank you for following us but we have to start somewhere and go one step at a time … maybe one day we can go global 😉 Please help us spread the word. Thank you!

  3. Please tell me if there are careless shelters in the USA? Also, are there more going up. How can I help??

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