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Cage free Cat and Dog rescue

- Rescue strays with the goal to rehab and rehome dog, cats and other animals.
- Train select rescue dogs to be placed with veterans in Mexico & US.
- Partner with other nonprofits to bring rescue cats and dogs to seniors and orphanages in Mexico.
- Hold adoption events in Mexico and San Diego and coordinate adoptions across rescues.
- Act as a Hub for local rescues, offering assistance such as medical supplies, pet food and spay/neuter services.
- Bring sociable animals to local schools (or invite on field trips to the Sanctuary!) to teach children animals compassion and welfare.
- Free animal training classes and volunteer opportunities at the Sanctuary Rescue.

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Phase I - Start Up, Legal Registration, Initial Fundraising Campaigns

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Animal Shelter Facility

The founder of Sanctuary Hostel owns the 824m² of land to serve the nonprofit for cat rescue and rescue dogs. The facility is designed for humans and animals to live together in harmony.

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Quarantine Area
Medical Room
Community Garden
Eco-Hostel Building
  • Cage-free dog/cat living spaces

  • Medical room with examination equipment, quarantine sick-bay & washing facilities

  • Play and interaction area outside for all animals.

  • Play and interaction area outside for all animals

  • Eco hostel building.

  • Community Garden

  • On same land with hostel to provide positive exposure for animals and humans

What To Expect from AN Animal Rescue in Mexico

Our cat rescue facilities are all about letting cats be cats. We’ll make sure they have plenty of opportunities to play and socialize. This will make it easier for people to integrate adopted cats into their families..

Rescue dogs also need to be trained and taught how to live in a house. Our trainers will work with them to get them comfortable around people, including children, through positive reinforcement.

Dogs also need a family unit based on respect and trust. Our teams will support you to learn how to do that at home so that you and your rescue dogs can lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Overall, our teams will work with whoever is looking to adopt to understand their lifestyle and preferences. This will allow us to match the right style of animal for the best possible chance of success.


The Sanctuary Shelter isn't built yet, but in the meantime consider adopting from our Rosarito rescue partner Foster Fail!


If you are in the Rosarito area and want to help foster, please contact our rescue partner Foster Fail!


Every little bit counts! Your generous donation helps animals in need.


Every little bit counts! Your generous donation helps animals in need.