According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Sanctuary” typically has 2 meanings.

1). Protected nature reserve

2). Place of refuge or safety

Based on these meanings, you may think of Sanctuary Hostel as a place where animals spend the remainder of their life. For us, the latter definition applies.

We want to create a safe haven rescue to bring animals and people together. Animals don’t stay with us forever, but the time they do spend with us will be life-changing.

Our Safe Haven Animal Shelter  

Sanctuaries do help a lot of animals but they don’t focus on preventing the abandonment problem. Unfortunately, this means they will always be at capacity and will always need donations.

Sanctuary Hostel does not want animals in our care forever. 

We simply don’t want there to be unhappy strays.

We don’t want animals mistreated or abandoned.

So prevention is our focus for our safe haven animal shelter.

The Best Intentions Don’t Save Lives 

Caring for an animal its entire life is expensive and many older animals require costly medical care. This is a commitment that many people forget or that Sanctuaries get overwhelmed by. That’s why we’re building our safe haven rescue as a self-sustained business. Essentially, we don’t want funds to run out and risk having to put our animals back on the street. 

Sanctuaries do not typically attract a lot of attention as they tend to be further away from cities. It usually requires a vehicle to get there, and thus they do not get a lot of visitors or volunteers. This leads to fewer donations and more intensive marketing efforts. So, Sanctuaries need more staff bearing in mind that they often also have vast acres of land to care for.

All rescues, shelters and sanctuaries start off with the best intentions. Nevertheless, maintaining a safe haven rescue means committing for the long term and managing funds. Sadly, some of these organizations have even had to shut down as other shelters scramble to save the dogs from misery or death. 

As this rescuer describes in her story on lessons from a sanctuary, she was heartbroken at the realization that she was contributing to the problem. All she was doing was saving some animals from the streets and handing them over to a shelter. Little did she realize that shipping an animal off to a shelter can lead to greater misery and abuse. It literally becomes a jail sentence for the animals.

Saving Lives with A Safe Haven Animal Rescue Adoption Approach 

Saving lives doesn’t involve just handing over animals to someone else. It involves educating yourself on the adoption process and the safe haven animal shelter you’re dealing with. So-called mercy killings are never the answer and sometimes it’s best to just leave the animals where they are. 

That’s why at Sanctuary Hostel we’re not just focusing on developing a safe haven animal rescue adoption approach. We’re also building an education strategy to help the community help the animals. 

A sanctuary failing is a terrible tragedy that we want to avoid with our safe haven animal shelter. No one wants to see hundreds of animals in a housing crisis because their alleged sanctuary has failed them. 

Instead, at Sanctuary Hostel, we will be in a popular area, encouraging community involvement, family fun and unique experiences for locals, travelers and, of course, the animals. We’ll be at the heart of the community and we’ll act as a hub to create a foster and rescue network. 

We want to work with other animal organizations. We don’t want to compete. In fact, what matters is that we all help each other help the animals. The more hands on deck, the more lives we can save. Adoption is at the core of all of this as we extend our community to future adopters. 

A Safe Haven Rescue with Funds 

Money is always the issue. That’s why we’re building a hostel. 

Hostels are natural magnets for travelling volunteers and donating visitors from all over the world. They’ll help us spread the word and raise awareness about stray animals. This wider community will show the world that a sustainable safe haven animal shelter is possible. 

Moreover, you can even have fun and become happier as you help support the cause. We will make animal rescuing a fun experience for the people and animals involved.

At Sanctuary Hostel, you will make friends with people from different countries and cultures and be able to share experiences with them. You will also be able to take free group classes and be able to interact with happy animals in a cage-free environment, most of whom won’t want to leave our safe haven rescue. 

Safe haven rescue for cats

A Special Place for Special Creatures

Just like travelers and visitors never want to leave the best hostels, so we want to create a shelter where animals want to stay. So, we won’t just focus on the number of adoptions. We’ll focus on quality rather than quantity which means avoiding failed adoptions. 

Failed adoptions are heartbreaking for everyone involved. So, we don’t want the animals to be rejected again by people they thought were their families. Just like a foster kid despairs when pushed around from family to family so animals get depressed and develop behavioral issues. They’re not to blame, the humans are. 

We believe education is the best solution to this crisis alongside setting up our safe haven animal rescue adoption approach. Through our workshops and programs, we’ll engage the community to learn how to care for and respect animals as the unique creatures they are. Together, with your help, we want to stop them from being treated like things to be kicked around or left to die.

A Call to Action

Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed or get involved however you can. 

Together we can make a difference. Let’s stop animals from being mistreated and let’s finally have a real safe haven animal shelter that animals and humans alike can depend on. 

Sanctuary Hostel will be a safe haven for animals, the community, orphans, and travelers to share, learn from each other and help improve the lives of all that visit us. Fostering a world of kindness to all is our goal.

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