The Joys and Positive Wellbeing of Sustainable Animal Shelters

sustainable animal shelter

To live in harmony with nature and animals would ease so much of our suffering and heartache. We spend most of our lives distracting ourselves from the pain of existence by buying stuff, consuming substances and pretending we’re immortal. It’s not too late to change that, even with small steps. Visiting or supporting a sustainable animal shelter can do so much for your mental wellbeing. 

Why An Eco-Friendly Animal Shelter?

Apart from the obvious, “it’s the right thing to do”, sustainability is far more than just protecting resources for future generations. Take, for example, UCLA. They’ve taken sustainability to mean bringing together an environmental focus along with driving social equity and economic health. 

Of course, people can choose to ignore sustainability. Nevertheless, even those people will get frustrated at times. Imagine visiting beautiful beaches in Asia, for instance, and picking your way through the rubbish washed up on the shore? Most of us are now well-trained in recycling. Nevertheless, what else can we do to help each other respect our planet and our home? 

What better way to support nature and our resources than with an eco-friendly animal shelter? At Sanctuary Hostel, you can enjoy sustainably grown food whilst spending time with our shelter animals. You’ll soon experience the wonders of naturally grown food without toxins and pesticides. Sustainability is both healthy and beneficial for the planet. And yes, sadly, most of the food you eat has some form of toxin. 

Why else should you care about a sustainable animal shelter? 

  • Human vitality. We need clean air, water and food to survive and keep our energy levels healthy. Unfortunately, we’re contaminating all of those through industrial processes. Moreover, leaving strays abandoned in the streets is not only ethically tragic. It also spreads diseases when they’re sick or die. 
  • Empathy and altruism. The more you connect with animals and nature, the more you connect with who you are and where you come from. This contributes to your emotional health by reducing stress and tension. On top of that, knowing that you’re helping others by staying at our eco-friendly animal shelter or by donating, leaves you with a happy feeling, as researchers have proven. 
  • Environmental health. It’s easy to get lost in our day to day struggles. Nevertheless, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture reminds us all that we are part of a larger community. That’s both reassuring and heart-warming. You can further support a sustainable animal shelter to reinforce that feeling. 

Sustainability in Action

Our mission at Sanctuary Hostel is to support Mexico with its stray animals. We aim to work with the community so that both humans and animals can learn to live together more harmoniously. Ideally, we’ll find loving homes for our shelter dogs and cats. Either way, they’ll have the Sanctuary garden to run around in. They’ll be loved and cared for by our team which is what matters most. 

Another important part of our plan for a sustainable animal shelter is to harmoniously work with nature. We want to be part of the complete solution rather than just a quick-fix band aid. So, we’ve researched sustainable materials and processes to develop the best possible hostel and garden system for both people and animals. 

The best part is that you can come and stay at the hostel where you can also learn as much as you want. We want your input to make this a beautiful eco-friendly animal shelter that welcomes all. 

What else can you expect at our eco-friendly shelter?

  • Homegrown garden. You can enjoy all our fruit and vegetables grown on site when you stay at the hostel. We’ll also give workshops and classes so you can learn how to make your own sustainable garden or simply how to make great recipes. 
  • Eco-materials. We’ve spent time researching the best sustainable materials along with solar panels to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. For example, did you know that eco-bricks are a great way to reduce construction waste? 
  • Waste management – as you can imagine, animals generate a certain amount of waste. So, we’ve designed the perfect system to provide the garden with an endless source of compost. Furthermore, some of the waste can also be used to generate electricity in a special bio-generator. 
sustainable animal shelter - playing

Visit Our Sustainable Animal Shelter 

Caring for our planet and the animals also cares for you. By interacting with nature and animals, you increase your mental wellbeing. You also help create a better world for all of us as well as for future generations. Moreover, you might actually have fun playing with animals, learning about great food and relaxing in nature. What are you waiting for? Support our eco-friendly animal shelter opening later this year. 

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