Sanctuary Hostel is currently in the design and fundraising stage

While we are waiting to build our facility we have partnered with a local rescue Foster Fail

Animal Rescue

Let's Build a World Where All Creatures Live in Harmony

The Vision

We believe that animals and humans can co-exist in harmony and support each other for companionship and security within the natural environment

We will do this by combining our cage free animal rescue in Mexico with our eco-hostel and community garden. That way we can all learn and work together.

The Mission

To create a self-sustained eco-friendly sanctuary where humans, dogs, cats and any other animals in Mexico can live in peace. Our cage free animal rescue in Mexico will be combined with a hostel. So you can stay with us and volunteer with the animal rescue. You’ll learn about animals so enriching both your lives.


As a team of volunteers, we’ve all been inspired by the suffering of animals we see every day in Mexico. Our founder was specifically keen to find a way to give back to the community and share resources in a more effective way. That’s how the idea for an eco-friendly hostel, garden and rescue was formed.

Between 15 and 18 million dogs are abandoned in the streets of Mexico scavenging for food to survive. No animal should live like that. Moreover, it encourages the spread of disease especially when you consider a female can have on average 20 puppies every year.

So, we thought, let’s try to do something about this and help give these stray dogs and cats a home. Through our animal rescue in Mexico, we aim to provide caring families with loving animals as pets who are healthy. Sadly, many fall victim to fraud in Mexico and find themselves adopting previously abused or sick animals unbeknown to them. Not only will we guarantee the physical and mental health of our animals but we’ll also support families through the transition of adopting.