How to Buy Dogs Ethically

Where Can I Buy A Dog

When it comes to the border, we are concerned with drug and human trafficking, immigration issues, and child custody. But there’s also a huge problem that animal shelters like Sanctuary Hostel are noticing to help you when you consider “where can I buy a dog”. Most importantly, let’s say no to the illegal dog trade together. […]

Why Sanctuary Hostel is different from the typical animal sanctuary

Safe haven rescue

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Sanctuary” typically has 2 meanings. 1). Protected nature reserve 2). Place of refuge or safety Based on these meanings, you may think of Sanctuary Hostel as a place where animals spend the remainder of their life. For us, the latter definition applies. We want to create a safe […]

5 Tips to Successfully Adopt from a Shelter

adopt a dog

Chatting to my younger cousin over the weekend, I realized how little many people understand about animal adoption. Not only did she not know how to approach the whole thing. Adoption simply did not even occur to her. She assumed she would have to buy and not adopt a dog from a shelter and yet, […]

A Unique Animal Shelter for Both People and Animals

animal sanctuary

Where do you seek refuge during challenging times? Most people create their own sanctuary at home and others go out for a detox and spa regime in a place of ultimate peace and natural beauty. What about those who depend on others for safety? Refugees, the elderly and animals all need protection from poachers and […]

Support Cage Free and Adopt Happy Animals

Support Cage Free and Adopt Happy Animals

The crying never leaves you. I still hear it in my nightmares. And the endless whimpering broken by intermittent sounds of rattling cages and furious scratching in the vague hope that perhaps concrete can finally be dug through. How did you enjoy being locked up during quarantine? It’s the same for animals which is why […]

The Joys and Positive Wellbeing of Sustainable Animal Shelters

sustainable animal shelter

To live in harmony with nature and animals would ease so much of our suffering and heartache. We spend most of our lives distracting ourselves from the pain of existence by buying stuff, consuming substances and pretending we’re immortal. It’s not too late to change that, even with small steps. Visiting or supporting a sustainable animal […]

Help Stray Dogs in Mexico to Make you Happier

What do you think of when someone says Mexico to you? Perhaps ancient temples, tortillas, mariachi bands and chocolate? What about the Mexico stray dogs? There are an incredible 13 million stray dogs, according to World Foot Prints. Whether you like dogs or not, they do tend to get in the way as they roam […]

Why Visiting an Animal Shelter can Make you Happier

Forgotten dogs animal rescue

If you’re wondering what to do over the weekend, why not do something different and visit a forgotten dogs animal rescue? It’s the perfect thing to do with friends and family. The best part is that it will make you feel good and put you in a great mood. So, check out your local animal […]