If you’re wondering what to do over the weekend, why not do something different and visit a forgotten dogs animal rescue? It’s the perfect thing to do with friends and family. The best part is that it will make you feel good and put you in a great mood. So, check out your local animal house and adoption center and you might even get some pleasant surprises. 

Why a Forgotten Dogs Animal Rescue can make you Happy

When you go to your local animal house and adoption center, here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

1- Family day out

A forgotten dogs animal rescue that focuses on animal welfare has lots of outdoor space. You’ll be able to walk around together and hang out with some friendly animals. Moreover, the best shelters take animal training seriously. So, you can expect well-behaved dogs who are easy to greet. 

Let’s not forget that an animal house and adoption center is the perfect way to expose cats to the sound and smell of dogs. Naturally, cats do not mix with the shelter dogs. Generally though, these cats are more sociable than your average house cat. So, they make the perfect pets should wish to expand your family. Moreover, studies have shown that pets make us happier and healthier. 

2- Altruism makes us happy 

Both kindness and generosity are now proven ways to make us happier. That’s because the act of giving helps us forget about our issues, even if only for a moment. In fact, caring for another creature, or even for a plant, can make a huge difference to our mental well-being. 

The science now shows that this is linked to activity in our brain. Basically, both our reward and pleasure centers become more active. Either way, you’ll feel good at the end of a day at an animal house and adoption center. 

3- Release some love hormones 

It might sound counterintuitive but seeing homeless animals being cared for gives you happy, feel-good feelings. That’s your brain releases oxytocin, or the love hormone, when you hug a dog or another person. It’s thanks to this little hormone that we bond with each other. 

So, visiting a forgotten dogs animal rescue will help you feel more connected with the animals and the people who come with you. Any great shelter encourages visitors to sit with the animals and to stroke them and generally play with them. 

What to expect from your local Animal House and Adoption Center 

As you can imagine, all shelters are different in their approach. There are a few things you can expect when you visit but here are the key highlights: 

1- A tour and process requirements 

Any great animal house and adoption center will be completely transparent in how they look after their animals. They won’t be afraid to show you what happens behind closed doors. They’ll even encourage you to stay for as long as you can. 

Of course, animal shelters can be noisy especially when visitors walk in. Regardless of how well behaved dogs are, they like to bark when someone new comes into their space. Don’t let that put you off though because it’s more of a hello rather than aggression. 

If you’re interested in adopting from a forgotten dogs animal rescue, check out this checklist for cats or this more general one for pets. The main point to remember is to take your time and to talk to the shelter about their requirements. For example, do they support house trials and can they give you training tips? 

Another good check is if the shelter asks for your details and do they follow up after several months. This will give you an idea of how much they care for their animals and drive an enriching experience for both animals and humans. 

cat animal house and adoption center

2- Animal care awareness 

Whether you’re looking to adopt or not, you’ll learn so much just by going to your local animal house and adoption center. Then, maybe one day you’ll be ready to adopt. Before that though, the shelter will teach you everything about how to approach animals in a reassuring way, how to groom them and play with them. 

All animals have a language and there’s no better way to learn it than by spending time with them. Just watching them and sitting with them will show you everything you need to know. Moreover, animals in a shelter crave human attention because they also need love. So, you’ll both benefit from some happy love hormones together. 

Final Thoughts for Being Happier at a Forgotten Dogs Animal Rescue 

You’ll be amazed at how much you can laugh when spending the day at an animal house and adoption center. Cats are just so cheeky and curious and suddenly a tiny head will pop up from underneath your arm. Dogs also have their special qualities and playfulness as they bring you a stick or their other latest find from the garden. At the end of the day, you and your friends or family will have spent some time outdoors. You might even have forgotten your worries for a while and you’ll definitely have laughed together. Now, isn’t that all you need for a happy day out? 

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