Did you know that November is the start of the season of giving? You could probably guess with Christmas round the corner but many also reach out to various charities. We know life is tough for everyone but donating also helps you in the long run. Of course, only wise altruism improves your well-being whilst donating to a dog rescue fundraiser also gets you a pack of furry friends.

An Innovative Animal and Dog Rescue Fundraiser

Sanctuary Hostel isn’t just going to be a haven for animals, it’s also going to be a community. People will be able to come together at the hostel that supports the animals. As a nonprofit, our message is about respecting animals and working together to live sustainably. 

Our main focus is to give stray cats and dogs a happy forever home. Whilst they wait for the adopters, we’ll give them freedom and space to be themselves. Too many rescued animals are slaughtered every year or caged up in boxes barely seeing the light of day. 

Help us stop the suffering by donating to our animal and dog rescue fundraiser. With every.org, we also get matching donations so please consider donating. Any amount shows support and allows us to build momentum which is what we need at this early stage. 

Homeless and abandoned dogs need our help now more than ever. Without us, they’re helpless when faced with disease and starvation. 

On November 1st, your gift can go twice as far. Generous donors on Every.org have created a donor-matching fund of $50,000 to inspire more people to support us and other nonprofits! 

Because the matching pool is limited, we need to get as many donations as we can in November. Please share this post with anyone else you think our cause will resonate with. Together we can accomplish so much: 

Build the cage free shelter

When looking for a dog rescue fundraiser, make sure you support one that lets the animals have space to play, dig and scavenge. Dogs need to be dogs which is why we’re going to use the funds to build an area where they can run free all day. 

Kick-start the hostel

Most shelters live from hand to mouth with the constant threat of having to close down looming over their shoulder. Surviving on donations alone is risky which is why we’re building a nonprofit hostel where the funds support the animals. 

Launch the community

Following on from our animal and dog rescue fundraiser, we’ll start our education outreach. We’ll be offering free classes on animal training and behaviour as well as how to grow and cook sustainable, plant-based food. 

Wise Altruism and Healthy Living 

Did you know that charitable giving has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress levels?  As well as those major health benefits, you also feel good about yourself which gives you a natural confidence boost.

Essentially, when we donate or give our help to others, we trigger mood-enhancing chemicals in our system. This also includes a dose of oxytocin which is a motivator for connecting and social belonging. All this gives you a happy high where giving is quite simply, good for your health

Then there’s the dark side. Nothing in life is complete with its yin and yang balance. Giving more than we can afford or being coerced into donating to something you don’t agree with won’t give you any health benefits. On the contrary, you’ll start resenting the cause and possibly even start feeling guilty. 

That’s why we refer to wise altruism. And again, why we say every little bit helps, no matter how small. 

As this article on effective altruism discusses, some of us are natural do-gooders and we can drive ourselves crazy putting others first. In the end, the more we balance self-interest, the more we’ll have the headspace and resources to donate effectively. 

dog rescue fundraiser - healthy living

Every little bit makes a difference

Together our funds make the difference so think wisely about what you can afford and what will make you feel good. From there, any dog rescue fundraiser will be grateful. 

Money helps but isn’t the only answer

Please share this post with the link to our animal and dog rescue fundraiser. The more we can involve the greater our impact and together we build a better world. 

Let’s Not Leave a Planet without Animals for Our Children

Over 12 million dogs are homeless in Mexico and with your help, we are going to do something about it. This fundraiser serves as the first step to building up the necessary funds to construct our primary facility in Rosarito, Mexico, where we will rescue homeless animals and involve the community to address the ROOT of the stray problem, preventing animal abandonment and suffering. We deeply appreciate any support!

To take advantage of Every.org’s monthly matching:

1. Go to every.org/sanctuary-hostel and make a monthly donation. You can cancel this at ANY time and matching is set up only for monthly donations.

2. Your donation is immediately matched up to $50 per month for November and December.

3. Share with friends and family! Multiply your impact by sharing your donation and why you donated. We want to have as much reach as possible with this fundraiser!

You can cancel your recurring donation at any time, but we will still get your match for November and December if you donate for both months!

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