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Basic Guidelines for All Volunteers

The following information and guidelines are applicable to all volunteers. All Volunteers must comply with the rules and requirements for volunteering for Sanctuary Hostel. Sanctuary Hostel reserves the right to terminate any volunteer who does not comply with the rules and requirements set forth in this application.

Dress Code: There is no enforced dress code at Sanctuary Hostel with the exception of closed-toe shoes for dog walkers. However, it is suggested that volunteers wear clothes that can get dirty. Sweatshirts are better than sweaters. Closed-toe shoes are required for dog walkers and are recommended for all other volunteers. Dangling jewelry should be avoided.

Proof of Volunteer Activity: If a Volunteer needs a letter stating that he/she has volunteered, the Volunteer must get that when he/she is actively volunteering. No records are kept for later access and it is the Volunteer’s own responsibility to keep a signed record of activity as long as necessary. A letter confirming volunteer activity can be obtained by request.

Volunteer Hold Harmless Agreement - I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform for Sanctuary Hostel in my volunteer capacity and I agree to hold Sanctuary Hostel harmless for any injury(s) which I might sustain during the course of my volunteer duties.  This waiver does include myself, all of my family members and descendants forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against Sanctuary Hostel or its representatives.

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Sanctuary Hostel is run by all volunteers and we need your help!

Review our current animal shelter volunteer openings on Most roles are virtual/remote to support nonprofit startup, marketing, fundraising, and planning. If you want to help but don’t see a position that fits you, apply anyway with your ideas about how you can help out and we’ll make sure to contact you as we have availability.

While you wait to hear back, review our overview presentation and current animal shelter volunteer agreement to ensure you understand our volunteer expectations.

Volunteer application link


The Sanctuary Shelter isn't built yet, but in the meantime consider adopting from our Rosarito dog rescue partner Foster Fail!


The Sanctuary Shelter isn't built yet, but in the meantime consider adopting from our Rosarito dog rescue partner Foster Fail!


Every little bit counts! Your generous donation helps animals in need.


We need volunteers to help run the nonprofit, rescue animals, engage with the community, and make a difference!