Do you love your furry companion as much as you love yourself? If you’re like most people, you’re probably answering, “Yes, of course!” Then again, how much time do you have with your pet each week? Sometimes, we all need a time out and it’s also good to socialise an adult dog. That’s why we have Pet Appreciation Week supported by the volunteers at our Sanctuary Hostel

Why have a Pet Appreciation Week?

The popularity of pets is rapidly increasing. In fact, the number of households with dogs has increased by 7% since 2012. Today, nearly 70% of American households have at least one pet, with cat owners outnumbering dog owners. 

Pet Appreciation Week was last week but that doesn’t mean we need to stop spending time with our pets. Of course, some people went all out and hosted a Pet Appreciation Week event with their neighbours. Clearly, that’s a great way to have a fun day out with humans and animals. Moreover, you get to socialise your adult dog.

There are many reasons to have a Pet Appreciation Week. Whether you are a pet owner or a pet lover, this week is a great way to show your appreciation for animals. Moreover, if you need some furry inspiration, check out our Facebook page photos of our volunteers and their dogs. 

Other reasons why we have Pet Appreciation Week: 

1- Increases your mental wellbeing – studies clearly show that you reduce your cortisol levels when you spend time with animals. This reduces your stress and blood pressure.

2- Creates opportunities for socialising – Pet Appreciation Week is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break with your furry companions. Although, socialising can be great for weekends too! 

3- Highlights behavioural issues in pets – seeing your pet interact with other animals is very informative. You’ll very quickly see if they’re too aggressive or too nervous. You can then decide how to best support them moving forwards. 

How to Celebrate your Pet and Socialise an Adult Dog

Depending on what type of animal you have, you can consider taking them out for their own special “spaw” day. Yes, you can get a massage for your dog and they might even get to play with other dogs. It’s important to socialise an adult dog just as much as it is for puppies.

So, why not plan some activities with them to show them how much you care? Don’t just wait for next year’s Pet Appreciation Week. The best way to socialise with your pet is to play games and have some fun. You can have a game of fetch, or you can play hide and seek. You can also take your pet to a park, where they will be able to run around and have a good time with other dogs and cats.

Another fun day out is to take your pet to a pet cafe. Clearly, this might not work so well for cats but dogs love interacting with other dogs. When it comes to cats though, you might prefer to get them a new climbing frame or another special toy. 

Then again, even cats appreciate being socialised. In fact, cats also need to get used to humans and other cats for a balanced and healthy life. Clearly, they’re more independent than dogs but they still benefit from social interaction. That’s how they get physical exercise and mental stimulation. 

How socialising during Pet Appreciation Week helps you and your pet

According to a recent study, pet owners who enjoy an active social life are likely to live 50% longer than those who don’t. That’s because dogs and cats are social animals, and spending time with them keeps you feeling happy and healthy.

When you socialise an adult dog or a puppy, they also get the mental stimulation and nurture they need. Puppies learn from adult dogs how to play. Through that, they also learn what not to fear and they become more confident. 

A fearful dog is constantly on high alert. If they haven’t been socialised, their behaviour can be unpredictable because it’s fear driven. Instead, the more they interact with the world, the more relaxed they are and the happier they become.

Similarly, cats who roam freely in an open space such as a cat house at an animal shelter are more relaxed. In fact, that’s why we’ll have our cats roaming around in the hostel but safe from the dogs. You’ll see the difference straight away when you come to visit. These cats want to come and say hello to visitors. They actually almost become dog-like in the way they look for attention and interaction. 

socialise an adult dog - playing

How Are you Going to Continue Enjoying Time with Your Pet? 

If you love animals and want to share that love with your friends, family, and co-workers, you should consider having a Pet Appreciation Week. Although, don’t just wait for next year and think about what you can do now with your pet. There are many activities in the park or pet cafes to be enjoyed together that also socialise an adult dog.

Pets need socialising as much as we do. So, treat yourself on weekends and plan your next day out with your pet. You’ll feel less stressed and your pet will be happier. As they say, an exercised pet is a happy pet. 

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