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Planning to drive on your next trip to Mexico? If so, you need special car insurance in Mexico as the country does not recognize most US/Canada insurance plans! When you get in an accident, you are guilty until proven innocent, as stated in this Mexican Legal System Overview. So, whatever you do, make sure to get insurance before you go.

And why not consider the best Mexico car insurance: Baja Bound Auto Insurance? You’ll also get to support an animal shelter at the same time, more specifically The Sanctuary Hostel, a nonprofit organization that aims to solve the stray animal problem in Rosarito, Mexico.

We are affiliated with Baja Bound Mexican Insurance, so if you use our link we get a small percentage as a contribution at no additional cost to you. Not only do you get great rates for your auto insurance but you also support our animal rescue mission!

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What Do You Get with Baja Bound Car Insurance in Mexico?

Baja Bound does more than just provide reliable Mexican auto insurance, they also have resources to plan your Baja adventure! Their Before You Go section includes helpful tips for crossing the border, driving directions, and more. Their Travel Guide features travel stories, wineries, and hotel guides to inspire.

You’ll also meet a passionate team of people who fully understand both US and Mexican legal auto needs. You’ll feel welcomed like family, just like we do with our animals.

Of course, this isn’t one of your normal scenarios of gifts that give back to animals, unless you’re offering auto insurance perhaps to your partner. On the contrary, it’s one of those moments where you can meet your needs, the law, and donate to an animal shelter.

Why Worry about the Car Insurance in Mexico and the Accident Process?

Apart from being able to donate to Sanctuary Hostel, why should you need Mexican auto insurance?

As this story from one of our local volunteers, Ace, shows, Mexican auto insurance is a must have:

“The process with a car accident is to immediately call the insurance company and police. The insurance agent will send a person right away to assess damages and determine the fault. A US company doesn't have local agents, so they aren’t able to follow this rule. If the party is at fault and doesn't have the insurance or the cash right away to pay for the damages, they can be arrested and the car impounded.

A few months ago a local person hit my car and didn’t have insurance. We went to the station, the agent told him the cost, and his wife brought the cash and gave it to the agent, so he was free to go.”

Sound unbelievable? Without Mexican auto insurance, you will have no support you to find a way forward.

Read on for more information on driving in Mexico:

Under Mexican law, motorists must have insurance, or "proof of financial responsibility" regardless of whether or not you are at fault in the event of an accident. As a foreigner traveling in Mexico, the only way to demonstrate this financial responsibility is to have enough real currency on you.

That means having a lot of cash on you to cover damages. Alternatively, you need an insurance policy from a Mexican company. In other words, your U.S. or any other non-Mexican insurance does not cover your liability for potential accidents. In fact, it doesn’t even fulfill the basic requirement for insurance according to Mexican law.

  • U.S. and Canadian auto insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico; only policies from a Mexican insurance company are.
  • Each Mexican state sets potential civil and criminal liability amounts a driver would be responsible for in case of a fatality or fatalities to others. The liability amount may be as high as U.S. $300,000 per fatality. It might also be more depending upon the state you are traveling in. Read more about the law.
  • A Mexican Insurance policy greatly reduces the financial burden you might come by after an accident and may reduce jail time.

About the Federal Law:

  • In the case of fatalities to third parties, compensation shall be the amount equal to 5,000 x the Mexican state minimum wage, plus funeral expenses. Each state may multiply this amount up to 5 times.
  • View State Liability Limits Chart
  • Some states do not have specific limits, judges determine the limit of the fine.
  • Many Mexican states are also able to enforce a civil penalty, sometimes equal to or higher than the criminal penalty.

What This Means as a Policyholder

In case a policyholder is found liable for the fatality of another person or persons, significantly higher criminal and/or civil liability limits may be enforced. Auto related fatalities in Mexico are more likely criminal, instead of civil cases, however, a judge will determine if the criminal route, civil route or both routes will be taken.

Due to the higher exposures in case of a fatality that a policyholder causes, most companies recommend higher insurance liability limits. However, you may still purchase lower liability limits.

In response to the Federal Law changes, some Mexican states may be changing their state laws. Therefore the current stated maximum limits for some Mexican states could potentially change in the future.

Over to You and Choosing the Best Mexico Car Insurance

In summary, Mexico does not recognize US or Canadian insurance. Baja Bound provides the coverage you need when driving south of the border.

In choosing Baja Bound, you’re also contributing to Sanctuary Hostel’s mission. We don’t just want to provide a better world for animals. We want to build a world where all creatures live in harmony.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to Baja Bound where they offer safeguards while driving and support Sanctuary Hostel on your behalf.