Ready to Adopt?

Interested in becoming a pet parent? Contact a rescue and save a life rather than create demand for animals that we purchase, sell and own.

Unfortunately, there are some unethical RESCUES that prey on the emotions of people in order to make a quick buck. They will charge an unreasonable adoption fee in order to make profit and they will have fake documents from the vet.

If the rescuer you are working with does not have documents, report it to us @SanctuaryHostel and do not work with them. If the rescuer you find provides you with documents, it is recommended you contact the vet listed on the paperwork and investigate to ensure the vet actually did the things listed and that the vet is reputable. Some vets are also just looking for profit and don’t actually care about helping animals. Check Google, and Yelp reviews. They can help!

We at Sanctuary Hostel are all about saving animals, and adoption is a part of that! We have the adopt-don’t-shop mentality. We don’t look at animals as things or products to be bred and bought, they are living beings with emotions, a heart and families.

Say Hi to Michaela!! Our blind female Husky Mix that was found on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico.


She seems to be able to see shadows when the lights are on, but nothing if she is in the dark. She would love a home where she could have a buddy to hang out with, whether it’s a human or another dog!

Many reputable rescues won’t charge much and in many cases, they lose money due to medical costs for seriously injured animals.

Many fancy breeds have health issues since they aren’t natural.

When you adopt an animal, it’s important to consider its previous life. Many were abused and abandoned by people that it thought was its family. It is not much different than a child in foster care. The main difference is that the animal can’t talk and might express itself in problematic ways similar to a teenager. Many articles are found on Google that cover many of the common behavioral issues in these dogs.

When SH becomes fully operational, we plan to create a network of reputable rescues, pet caretakers and veterinarians so you can be confident when adopting!

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