We’re proud to announce our first grant award from the Binky Foundation, which provides support to new organizations, such as Sanctuary Hostel stray dog rescue, that recognize the importance of business training and planning as well as passion for the animals to create successful, long-term operations. Binky Foundation liked our Business/Action plan and the business and animal rescue training our senior volunteer staff achieved this year.

The funding from this grant will go to our construction fund! We also won a grant from 4Imprint for merchandise from their web store. Thank you to our volunteer Sadiqa for kick starting our grant application process and we hope to see more funding soon.

Binky Foundation
Binky Foundation

Construction Fundraising Progress

With the Binky Foundation award and other donations and matching we’ve received this year, we are up from $19,400 (Dec 2023) to $31,400 (July 2023) saved for construction. Our goal for the end of 2023 is $75,000. Your support can get us to our next target amount of $57,000 which is the next room – the Cat Café!

Fundrai Ing Progre
Fundraising Progress

A Stray’s Life – Animated Video

Sanctuary Hostel’s goal is to do much more than animal rescue – our mission is to address the root cause of stray animals through education and integration with local communities. With the help of our volunteers and some local kids as voice actors, we created this video to better explain the problem and the strategy behind Sanctuary Hostel. Thank you to Sara, Nicole, Ace, Karla, and Kathie for making this vision a reality!

A Tray Dog Life
A Tray Dog Life

A Stray’s Life video image

Adoption Success Stories!

Cute Pup
we love this silly boy who recently got adopted – 3 years old and a big ol’ sweetheart

Adopted Alert!

Before adoption
After adoption!

We love this transformation of Before and After adoption!

This proves in the power of a loving home for stray dog rescue organizations.

Looking for your perfect pet? Contact Kathie at Foster Fail! She rescues amazing dogs and cats every week from the streets of Rosarito. Thank you, Kathie!

Adopt from Foster Fail!

Pet Supply Donation Drive – TBD

Sanctuary Hostel will be hosting a Pet Supply Donation Drive to help animals in need! We need to confirm our dates but this will be our first donation drive in San Diego and taking donations to help our local rescue partner Foster Fail.

Rescues are often in need of supplies. Sanctuary Hostel wants to support rescues and fill their stockings to help more animals. We’ll be looking for pet food and treats, cleaning supplies, and essential supplies. More details to come very soon! Stay tuned!

Some Final News

Sanctuary Hostel was Awarded the Platinum Seal by Guidestar Candid in 2023. By earning this recognition our organization shows its commitment to share clear and important information with the public about our strategic goals, current capabilities, the achievements we’ve made so far, and performance indicators, which combined highlight the impact Sanctuary Hostel wants to make in the community and in the lives of animals.

Become a Sanctuary Hostel monthly donor. You can set up a monthly donation on our website, or find us through your company’s donation portal! Many companies offer donation matching throughout the year or on Giving Tuesday, and some will even match volunteer hours! Donate or volunteer today to help us reach our goal of $75,000 for construction of our pilot project by the end of the year. Thank you!

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