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We believe that animals and humans can co-exist in harmony and support each other for companionship and security within the natural environment

We will do this by combining our cage free animal rescue in Mexico with our eco-hostel and community garden. That way we can all learn and work together. 

To create a self-sustained eco-friendly sanctuary where humans, dogs, cats and any other animals in Mexico can live in peace. Our cage free animal rescue in Mexico will be combined with a hostel. So you can stay with us and volunteer with the animal rescue. You’ll learn about animals so enriching both your lives.

The Problem

Our Solution


  • Encouraging/demonstrating animal compassion to young students and surrounding communities
  • Training people to better communicate with animals for a happier co-existence
  • Setting up an environmentally friendly hostel and community garden to help fund the rescue, provide positive exposures for animals and people and facilitate adoptions and free educational classes
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Upcoming Events

Volunteer Eco-Wall and Community Garden Build

We’re planning to break ground soon in Rosarito, and we need volunteers to help on our build days! Apply here if you are interested in helping us build the wall and community garden.