How Will the New US Animal Import Rules Impact You

rules for importing dogs to USA

Travel is part of our everyday lives and that means taking our pets with us wherever we go. As anyone who has travelled with a pet can tell you, the rules for importing dogs to the USA can feel overwhelming. If you get them wrong, your animal might end up in quarantine or worse, in […]

Expert Tips for Dealing with Shy or Fearful Dogs

how to approach a scared dog

If you’re a dog lover, the chances are that you can’t wait to go and pat his or her head when you see one. Unfortunately, depending on their background, they don’t always share our enthusiasm. How to approach a scared dog, perhaps one that comes from an animal rescue, needs patience and finesse.  It’s All […]

October 2023 Newsletter

stray dog rescue

Stray dog rescue recently won some donations. Check out why SanctuaryHostel is a unique model to sustain long-lasting animal support.

How to Buy Dogs Ethically

Where Can I Buy A Dog

When it comes to the border, we are concerned with drug and human trafficking, immigration issues, and child custody. But there’s also a huge problem that animal shelters like Sanctuary Hostel are noticing to help you when you consider “where can I buy a dog”. Most importantly, let’s say no to the illegal dog trade together. […]

How to Resolve Food Aggression in Dogs

Food Aggression in Dogs

Helping the needy feels wonderful, doesn’t it? Bringing home a dog from an animal shelter knowing that you’re giving them a rebirth in life is a beautiful experience. What happens when things get overwhelming and you discover food aggression in dogs? It’s perfectly normal and we’ll guide you through it.  Where Does Food Aggression in […]