How to Buy Dogs Ethically

Where Can I Buy A Dog

When it comes to the border, we are concerned with drug and human trafficking, immigration issues, and child custody. But there’s also a huge problem that animal shelters like Sanctuary Hostel are noticing to help you when you consider “where can I buy a dog”. Most importantly, let’s say no to the illegal dog trade together. […]

How to Resolve Food Aggression in Dogs

Food Aggression in Dogs

Helping the needy feels wonderful, doesn’t it? Bringing home a dog from an animal shelter knowing that you’re giving them a rebirth in life is a beautiful experience. What happens when things get overwhelming and you discover food aggression in dogs? It’s perfectly normal and we’ll guide you through it.  Where Does Food Aggression in […]

Blind Dogs are the Best!

Blind Dog  For Adoption

An old Tunisian proverb says that “there is no blindness but the blindness of the heart”. Losing our actual sight can still be terrifying but with the right support, blind people often “see” more than others. It’s the same for dogs. And opening up our hearts to blind dogs for adoption can so be so […]

Never Seen Before Vegan Hostel Not Meant for Vegans

Vegan Friendly

Vegans on the one side. Non-vegans on the other side. How does anything ever get resolved? What exactly do we want resolved? To us at Sanctuary Hostel, we want everyone to feel welcome and included regardless of their beliefs. And so the non-vegan, vegan friendly hostel was born. As an animal welfare nonprofit, we aim […]

A Happy Year for You and Your Dog 

new year's resolutions for your dog

How was last year for you? How successful do you feel it went? Life is hard and there will always be ups and downs but maybe you can add a little spice to the things you can control. What about life with your furry friend? What would they say about last year? Most importantly, what […]

The Art of Giving

dog rescue fundraiser

Did you know that November is the start of the season of giving? You could probably guess with Christmas round the corner but many also reach out to various charities. We know life is tough for everyone but donating also helps you in the long run. Of course, only wise altruism improves your well-being whilst […]

Do You Want to Make a Difference?

make a difference

Are you feeling stuck, bored, empty inside? Life used to be energizing as you worked towards that manager role and that big house. Now you have it all but what’s next? We often float through life living society’s expectations. Deep down, we want to make a difference and feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.  […]