A Happy Year for You and Your Dog 

new year's resolutions for your dog

How was last year for you? How successful do you feel it went? Life is hard and there will always be ups and downs but maybe you can add a little spice to the things you can control. What about life with your furry friend? What would they say about last year? Most importantly, what […]

The Art of Giving

dog rescue fundraiser

Did you know that November is the start of the season of giving? You could probably guess with Christmas round the corner but many also reach out to various charities. We know life is tough for everyone but donating also helps you in the long run. Of course, only wise altruism improves your well-being whilst […]

Do You Want to Make a Difference?

make a difference

Are you feeling stuck, bored, empty inside? Life used to be energizing as you worked towards that manager role and that big house. Now you have it all but what’s next? We often float through life living society’s expectations. Deep down, we want to make a difference and feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.  […]

Why Sanctuary Hostel is different from the typical animal sanctuary

Safe haven rescue

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Sanctuary” typically has 2 meanings. 1). Protected nature reserve 2). Place of refuge or safety Based on these meanings, you may think of Sanctuary Hostel as a place where animals spend the remainder of their life. For us, the latter definition applies. We want to create a safe […]

5 Tips to Successfully Adopt from a Shelter

adopt a dog

Chatting to my younger cousin over the weekend, I realized how little many people understand about animal adoption. Not only did she not know how to approach the whole thing. Adoption simply did not even occur to her. She assumed she would have to buy and not adopt a dog from a shelter and yet, […]

A Unique Animal Shelter for Both People and Animals

animal sanctuary

Where do you seek refuge during challenging times? Most people create their own sanctuary at home and others go out for a detox and spa regime in a place of ultimate peace and natural beauty. What about those who depend on others for safety? Refugees, the elderly and animals all need protection from poachers and […]

Support Cage Free and Adopt Happy Animals

Support Cage Free and Adopt Happy Animals

The crying never leaves you. I still hear it in my nightmares. And the endless whimpering broken by intermittent sounds of rattling cages and furious scratching in the vague hope that perhaps concrete can finally be dug through. How did you enjoy being locked up during quarantine? It’s the same for animals which is why […]

Having Fun Celebrating and Socialising Your Pet

socialise an adult dog

Do you love your furry companion as much as you love yourself? If you’re like most people, you’re probably answering, “Yes, of course!” Then again, how much time do you have with your pet each week? Sometimes, we all need a time out and it’s also good to socialise an adult dog. That’s why we […]

Keep Your Dogs Safe Without Over Vaccinating

dog vaccines

Most people are aware that dogs should be vaccinated for rabies and other diseases. The big question is how often should a dog be vaccinated and what happens if a dog is not vaccinated? The answer to the frequency of dog vaccines is a lot more complicated than you might think, especially when you adopt […]