About The Sanctuary


The problem


Many attempts to rescue animals often only act as a band aid. Most of us want to help and volunteer with animal rescue. Usually though, we don’t really know how and we don't have the skills and knowledge to deal with stray animals. Furthermore, most animal rescue operations tragically fail due to lack of long term ongoing donations. This usually results in them closing and putting animals back on the street.

volunteer with animal rescue

THE solution

volunteer with animal rescue

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volunteer with animal rescue




Our goal is to tackle the stray animal problem at the source and provide a long-term solution with a self-funded model. We plan to do this by setting up an environmentally friendly hostel and to train interested people to deal with animals for a happier co-existence. Also, all our guests will also be able to easily volunteer with animal rescue as much or as little as they want. 


Some years ago our Founder became vegan, discovering a deep connection with Nature. This naturally led him to wanting to care more for the environment. So, the vision of the Sanctuary was born. The idea is to allow people to volunteer with animal rescue both locally and globally. The idea is that the Sanctuary Hostel will showcase how to live in a self-sufficient, low impact, eco sustainable living. You'll even be able to come and learn about what that looks like and how to grow your own food and recycle your water. 

As a beautiful coastal town, Rosarito also offers some great hikes offering stunning views. You'll further enjoy your stay in natural surroundings at  our 30 bed hostel. Why not combine that with hanging out and volunteer with animal rescue? There's something very healing and peaceful about animals. If nothing else, animals benefit hugely from human company because it stops them from becoming feral. We all need love and attention, including animals. You’ll also rest in the knowledge that 100% of your hostel bill goes to the animals. Naturally, this includes the local staff who cares for them. 

volunteer with animal rescue